Anonymous: What pattern do u add to ur one piece drawings?

All the textures I’ve used are watercolour messes I’ve done at some point.

I haven’t used them for a while tho ‘cause the scans are pretty awful and I’m too lazy to paint/scan any new ones. Whoops.

Anonymous: Since I've seen multiple reminders does this mean you're deleting this tumblr or just that it'll be something else?

This’ll be just a boring personal/OP blog now and I’m reblogging the reminder multiple times so everyone’s aware of the situation :—)

Anonymous: Hello! Because this is now a OP blog in general I wanted to ask if you are going to be posting stuff from the series to where the manga is caught up at, or the anime? I don't read the manga so I just want to know if I will see spoilers from things that haven't happened in the anime yet. Thank you!

I’m primarily a manga reader so there’ll definitely be spoilers, but I’ll still tag them as ‘opspoilers’ uhuhuhu

Anonymous: Then, what will this blog become if not an OP blog anymore?

I said “this isn’t an art blog anymore” I can still talk and post stuff about OP here. Which is super awesome to me tbh.

Like seriously guys. If you wanna talk to me; come here! I’d love to talk. I realized I was way reserved before ‘cause I didn’t like it when my archives got messy (I’m serious don’t laugh… ok laugh) so now that all my art is on one place I can make this blog into a complete mess hahahjhkgfhjköhkfä. I don’t think that made any sense I’m sorry oops.

Also I finally have a place to reblog things I like… again. I had a personal blog before, but I kinda just deleted it. OOOPS???